Bonnie Spano, HSH Executive Director

        Handling Grief by Prophetess Bonnie Sparo (Pen name)

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   As servants of The Most High God, Jesus Christ, we are doing all we can do to "Tikkun Olam" (repair the world), show acts of kindness (Tzedkah), and expand our sphere of influence as much as possible.


   At the same time, we are striving to be the good stewards (managers) of all the things God puts us in charge of -- money, donations (of all kinds), opportunities, spiritual and natural guidance given, etc.


     Since September/October 2013, some of the ways HSH has assisted those in need are listed below:



December 2013 -- Aided a struggling vet with a rent and truck payment who was in between jobs and whose military check was delayed.

                           -- Other minimal assistance


Special Needs:

May 2014 -- Emergency domestic violence rescue funds

                 -- Cell phone purchase for one in need

                 -- Auto battery


June 2014 -- Planned auto A/C repair as the scorching Southwest heat is a terrible health and life danger.


We also offered advice and connections in regards to Social Security and U.S. Citizenship issues, and much more.  Began discussions about obtaining a Resale store to help support HSH; gathering a Fundraising Team for events to support HSH as well as to help vendors and to give back to other charities in the community and beyond.

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If you are interested volunteering in any capacity or have special qualifications or ideas that would help HSH advance and serve better, please call to set up an appointment/interview -- 402-340-7594. Thank You and God Bless!

Teeth Across America2 - Helping people with finances for preventative and emergency Dental care. Donate now to help us assist those with no way to afford dental bills:

Thank you for caring about this serious need!